Cemetery Rules

  • Flowerbeds may be made the full length of the monument on the lot (head of grave) and eighteen inches out from the monument toward the grave space. Flowerbeds must be maintained by planter.
  • All artificial flowers, wreaths or decorations of any type are to be removed from the cemetery grounds and monuments on a seasonal basis. Township personnel will dispose of any artificial flowers, wreaths or decorations that are out of season or faded or in disrepair.
  • Any urns or earthenware vases not  part of the grave marker shall be removed from a lot or grave before freezing weather. Shrubs may be kept trimmed by the family who planted them. Flowers, shrubs or trees may be trimmed or removed by cemetery employees when authorized or directed by the Board of Trustees
  • No curbing, fencing, hedging borders or decorative gravel or shall be permitted on any lot. The Township reserves the right to remove the same if erected or placed on lots