Emergency Medical Services

poison.gif911.gifThe Jerome Township Division of Fire provides primary Emergency Medical Services to Jerome and Millcreek Townships, while supporting our surrounding departments with mutual aid. We have two medic units that are identically equipped with advanced life support equipment. We currently have 9 paramedics, 1 intermediate and 2 basic emergency medical technicians on staff.

EMS Billing

The Jerome Township Division of Fire (JTFD) is proud to provide our citizens with exceptional safety services. The costs for providing emergency medical services are expensive by nature and continue to rise, presenting the ongoing challenge of securing adequate funding. As of January 4th, 2009 the JTFD has implemented an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Transport Billing Program to defray some of the costs associated with EMS units.

EMS Billing is conducted in over 85 percent of communities nationwide. EMS billing taps into existing funds available from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance policies. If you or a family member is provided with emergency medical services that result in transportation to a local hospital, a bill for the transport will be filed with your insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid. It is important to understand that patient care will absolutely not be compromised in any way by this program and you should never be afraid to call 9-1-1 for help when you need it.


What Jerome Township Residents Can Expect

• Jerome Township residents will NOT be billed for any outstanding balance on a transport bill, even if they do not have insurance.

• Residents may receive a telephone call or letter requesting or verifying insurance information if it was not obtained completely at the time of the EMS transport.

• If you receive payment for your transport from your insurance companies, you should send that to the Fire Department or to Medicount. Accepting these funds could result in criminal charges for Insurance Fraud. If you receive payment from your insurance company, you will be expected to pay that amount to the Jerome Township Fire Department.

• In some cases if an EMS transport is provided by another jurisdiction through mutual aid, the policy of that responding entity will apply. Therefore residents may receive a bill for any balance due on the claim.

If you have any question regarding the billing process, please call:

Lt. Brian Bemiller (614) 873-8990