_IGP2690Police services, including patrol and investigation, are provided by the Union County Sheriff’s Office. The emergency number for Jerome Township is 9-1-1.

Jerome Township is served by three (3) Public Safety Officers.  These officers are Deputies from the Union County Sheriff’s Department contracted to provide service in Jerome and Millcreek Townships.  Their service is divided between the two townships on a 75%/25% basis with Jerome Township paying 75% of their wages and receiving 75% of their time.  This ratio corresponds with the approximate number of residents in each township.


As Public Safety Officers, these Deputies are considered First Responders and each is trained, in addition to being a Deputy Sheriff, as a Fire Fighter and a Medic.  Thus they can

provide the necessary assistance until the Fire Department or Medic unit arrives on the scene.

The voters of Jerome Township approved a 1.2 mill levy in November of 2007 for a period of five years to provide this Safety Service.  This program was maintained by the passage of a 1.2 mill levy in November of 2011.